Ola Asdahl Rokkones - Photo Marius Fiskum

classical / contemporary

Ola Asdahl Rokkones has played with several renowned orchestras in Norway, Russia, Germany and France, among them the Mariinsky Symphonic Orchestra and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. His repertory includes commissions from numerous renowned composers, such as Helge Iberg, Kjell Habbestad, Martin Romberg, Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, Erik Stifjell, Lars Skoglund, Håvard Lund, Bodvar Drotninghaug Moe, Alexander Manotskov and Bjørn Breimo. His first classical release is due the 15th of October 2018 on LAWO Classics, including the saxophone concertos by Romberg, Aagaard-Nilsen and Habbestad.

He has studied with several acclaimed teachers including Vibeke Breian, Jean-Yves Fourmeau and John-Pål Inderberg, and completed his musical education at the Music Conservatory of Tromsø in 2007. In 2012 he received the culture prize of Tromsø Municipality.

List of premiered works:
TBA 2019 – Erik Stifjell: Concert for tenor sax and sinfonietta, 20 min
Nov 2017 – Helge Iberg: Abraximately for tenor sax, piano and viola, 10 min
Aug 2016 – Erik Halvorsen: ”Smelt” for tenor sax and cello, 4 min
Mai 2016 - Håvard Lund: "The Magpie & I" for tenor sax, piano and viola, 10 min
Jan 2016 - Erik Stifjell: ”Zwei-Mann Orchester” for saxophones, cello, clarinett and two perk, 12 min
Nov 2015 - Kjell Habbestad: "Un rêve Norvégien" for alto sax and chamber orchestra, 30 min
Nov 2014 - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen: "Bør" for alto sax and string orchestra, 17 min
Aug 2011 - Alexander Manotskov: "Seven Portraits" for alto sax and string orchestra, 35 min
Feb 2011 - Bodvar D. Moe: "Every creature has a song" for baritone sax and marimba, 9 min
Feb 2011 - Bodvar D. Moe: "Stories from the north” for alt-, tenor sax and percussion, 26 min
Jun 2010 - Erik Stifjell: "Vi hever våre hoder i skam", 5 voices, tenorsax, accordion and guitar, 60 min
Jun 2009 - Martin Romberg: "The Tale of Taliesin" for alto sax and symphonic orchestra, 25 min
Jun 2007 - Lars Skoglund: "Surfaces" for alto sax and organ, 7 min
Jun 2007 - Bjørn Breimo: "Purgazione" for tenor sax and cello, 15 min
May 2005 - Kjell Habbestad: "Cinq emotions" for alto sax and piano, 20 min
Apr 2002 - Bjørn Breimo: "Orazione" for alto sax and organ, 10 min