Mean Steel - Photo Knut Bry

contemporary / classical

Mean Steel is a mean band, playing mean music by mean composers. Besides, the band has a mean band name. The band consists of Hans-Urban Andersson (cello/reeds/drums) and Ola Asdahl Rokkones (saxophones/drums), and they play compositions dedicated to them by Northern-Norwegian composers. By exploring most of the possible and impossible sounds and combinations of instruments, separately and together, they are close to be (re)introducing the punk in contemporary music. Their repertory consist of original music written by Lars Skoglund, Erik Stifjell, Torbjørn Ingvaldsen, Erik Håkon Halvorsen, Rune Larsen and Ola Asdahl Rokkones. Their first album is due in the autumn of 2018.

Hans-Urban Andersson - cello/reeds/drums
Ola Asdahl Rokkones - saxophones/drums