Sonora Cimarrón

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Son del Ecuador

IndiGoBoom - 2012

Founded in 2004 in Oslo, Norway, by the Ecuadorian percussionist, composer and arranger Tito Guevara, Sonora Cimarrón debuted with Son Del Ecuador, a recording featuring ten top-quality acoustic numbers together with the Ecuadorian vocalist Carlos "El Negro” "Paz as a guest artist.

From the orchestral format we can see that Sonora Cimarrón is not a conventional salsa orchestra: Instead of piano, the line-up includes as well as a horn-section with trombones and saxophone. This gives recording a special character.

Tito Guevara - congas and percussion
Carlos “El Negro” Paz - vocals
Torkild Sandnes - double bass
Torbjørn Sandvik - tres and flamenco guitar
Ola Asdahl Rokkones- saxophones and flute
Vidar Bråthen - trombone
Halvor Voldstad - trombone
Anders Lea Karlskås - trombon
Yannik Hartig - timbales
Rafael Ortega - guira
Vicente Mañet - coro
Eduardo Cedeño - timbales
Fredy Molina - cajon peruano

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