Treskatresk 1 - Photo Bjørn Leirvik.jpg


Treskatresk is an ambitious jazz project, where two of the most sought-after jazz musicians in Russia appear together with two young jazz musicians from Northern Norway. The music puts the well known "nordic sound"-concept up against a Russian musical landscape.

The band name is a Russian word-game meaning the "sparkling sound of the cod", and with the name Treskatresk draws parallels to the historical bonds and pomor-trade that united Northern Norway and Russia in ancient times: Namely the cod - TRESKA. Now, 100 years after the Russian revolution, could it be time "to make the cod sparkle again? We live in a time when human relations across the borders are more important than ever.

Ola Asdahl Rokkones - tenor saxophone
Andrei Kondakov - piano
Vladimir Volkov - double bass
Jakop Janssønn - drums